• Supply List


    The following are two items for Art class that students should purchase for class in order to begin the year. Students will take notes weekly and do personal creative journaling in their sketchbook, and will also use the poster board to create their portfolio folder to hold and keep all artworks for the year.

    • Spiral bound 8.5” x 11” or 9” x 12” Sketchbook (provided this year)
    • 1 Poster Board 22” x 28” (may be colored) 

    Students enrolled in art are not expected to purchase their own materials for class as class sets are provided by the art teacher for specific assignments. However, should the student choose to invest in their own individual sets for any reason the following are materials that will be used often in class for projects and classwork. 

    If you so choose, items can be found at Wal-mart, Hobby Lobby, or Michael’s


    ART I


    • Ebony graphite drawing pencils or other graded graphite drawing pencils
    • Fine tipped Black and colored Sharpies
    • Charcoal and charcoal pencils
    • Prisma Color Pencils (12 or 24 ct)
    • Pentel Oil Pastels 


    ART II & III

    • Set of Nylon paint brushes (for Watercolor or Acrylic painting)
    • Prang Watercolors (8 or 16 color set)
    • Acrylic Paint
    • Prisma Color Pencils (72 color set or higher - best and cheapest if purchased from Amazon) --- Particularly if participating in Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo Art Contest and working in photorealism color