• Lunch Schedule
    Your lunch time is determined by the teacher you have for 4th Period.

    Lunch A 
    11:17 – 11:47   
    Crutcher, Colvin, Stanford, Sandman,  Myers, Petersen, Thornton, Meraz,
    Tamez, Bell/Hargrave

    Lunch B
    11:55 – 12:25
    Clark, Perry,Gajevsky, Turner, Hodde, Atkinson, Chancey, Light, Dines, Williams, Richards

    Lunch C 
    12:38 – 1:08    
    Mattox, Tiemann, Chapa, Armbruster, Garcia, Pinckney, Timmons, Sherrill, K. Flores, C. Flores, Syler, Cantu