• May 18 (Week 9)

    Posted by SHANNON MAULDING on 5/18/2020

    Final Week - Make-up week

    What are you missing?  Can you complete something you didn't get to?  Now is your opportunity...

    You have until ....(date/time)

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  • May 11 (Week 8)

    Posted by SHANNON MAULDING on 5/11/2020

    Coming soon...

    What movie can you watch to compare the Pygmalion concept?  Possibilities for online options?


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  • May 4 (Week 7)

    Posted by SHANNON MAULDING on 5/1/2020

    This is your final week of assignments. So, please work diligently to get all work in timely.  You will only have a few days the following week to close up any loose ends.

    Act V


    Be sure to go to Canvas and take the Quiz for Act V and then close out with the Discussion Board.

    Have a good week.

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  • April 27 (Week 6)

    Posted by SHANNON MAULDING on 4/27/2020

    Wow!  The weeks are passing by quickly.  You have read or heard some strange dialects and had to decipher the meaning.  I have provided a video below where you can actually hear me saying those phrases once again.  I know that you heard them in the story, but sometimes it becomes clearer if you hear it again. 

    You can also see what Shorthand looks like by clicking the link Shorthand Samples.  Crazy enough, I took Shorthand when I first started college back in 1991.  The samples I provided you are two very small samples of letters.

    This week you will read Act III & Act IV.  Remember, I have them recorded if you want to listen as you follow along as you read.

    You will also have a Vocabulary Activity and a Reading Quiz.

    Watch a Mrs. Maulding video (Review of Act I & II and Insights to Act III & IV) and have a great week.

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  • April 20 (Week 5)

    Posted by SHANNON MAULDING on 4/20/2020

    Now we have begun our reading of the play Pygmalion you have probably discovered that someone sounds a bit different, which is why you did the translating activity last week.  That dialect is referred to a Cockney.

    One of our main characters, Mr. Higgins, is a professor of dialects and has met up with another person who shares his appeal.  Together these men will start a new journey for a young flower girl.

    Before Reading Activity - British Currency of the Time

    Please read Act II

    Take the Quiz Act II


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  • April 13 (Week 4)

    Posted by SHANNON MAULDING on 4/13/2020

    Alrighty Online Learners!!  You seem to be getting the hang of things...Congrats and Keep up the Good Work!

    This week we will start reading our play Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw (1912).  I will have it recorded for those who like to listen (links below) and I have it in print form (link above) for your reading pleasure.  So, let's begin.

    Please read


    -Act I

    Complete Activity Translating Dialect (on CANVAS)

    Take the Quiz Act I (on CANVAS)

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  • April 6 (Week 3)

    Posted by SHANNON MAULDING on 4/6/2020

    Y'all are on a roll...doing great.  This week we are...

    Exploring the setting of the play by identifying major attractions in London.

    Fill in information about all 10 attractions. 

          Buckingham Palace

          Covent Garden

          Globe Theater

          Kensington Palace

          London Bridge

          Museum of London

          St. Paul's Cathedral

          Tower of London

          Trafalgar Square

          Westminster Abbey

    Finally a little review of Mythology (Quiz)

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  • Mar 30 (Week 2)

    Posted by SHANNON MAULDING on 3/29/2020

    Hopefully the first week went smoothly.  If not, don't worry it will get easier as we continue to work in Canvas.  Please remember if you need to ask questions or let your teacher know something, you will need to e-mail them directly.  So, I have added a new link under English IV on how to write a proper e-mail and I made it your first reading assignment this week in Canvas.  Check it out!

    March 30 - April 3

    Writing a Proper E-mail - read the information and live by it

    Characterization - Predicting character traits and actions.  Use the painting from Pygmalion.

    Author Background - Obtaining information about George Bernard Shaw.


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  • Mar 23 (Week 1)

    Posted by SHANNON MAULDING on 3/22/2020

    Welcome Back - Please login to Canvas and find English IV Content.  I will be putting activites there for you to complete as well as listing information here in my website as to what you will be doing each week.


    Discussion:  How is my perspective shaped?


      -Answer Essential Questions & Make a Prediction

    Introducing Pygmalion


      -Answer Questions

    In depth with the Myth of Pygmalion

      -Read a passage 

      -Answer The Creator and the Created Questions 

    Making Predictions with Anticipation Guide

      -Read each statement 

      -Answer "agree" or "disagree" for each

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    Posted by SHANNON MAULDING on 3/9/2020

    Enjoy your break!

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