• RMS Tutoring

    Tutoring is offered Tuesday-Friday from 8:00-8:25 AM.  There is a teacher on duty on these days for every subject.  Students must go to the cafeteria, see which teacher on campus is having tutoring for the subject needed, and signout with a pass. There is a hallway monitor who will not let students down the hall without the pass from the gym OR after 8:15 AM with a pass from their designated teacher.  Students will need to have something to work on with the designated subject teacher.

    Please note that tutoring is for asking questions and receiving help on assignments or corrections that students do not fully understand.  Students may also complete assignments during this time.

    As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please email me at martinca@pearlandisd.org.


      Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
    Team 5I 5G 5R 5T
     Math Hill Hinks Martin Cavendar
      120 109 116 131
    Science Powitzky Ham Hinderer G. Mitchell
      124 110 117 129
    Lang Arts/ Soc St Belton Valdez Ellis Nichols
      121 108 112 132
      Word   Co  
      120   113  
    Resource/Inclussion Cardozo Schultz Stancik Lyles
    Reading/ Math 235 237 128 212