• How to :

    Fill out a Missing Assignment

    • Step 1: Take a Missing Assignment sheet from its location in the classroom.
    • Step 2: Fill in your Name, Date and what assignment you have that is late.
    • Step 3: Complete the Reason portion on why you were unable to complete the assignment on time. Please use complete sentences and write neatly. Please be HONEST and respectful.
    • Step 4: Place it on the board in the forst of the classroom folded in half where only your name appears.
    • Step 5: Work really hard to get the Missing Assignment in as soon as possible.


    • You need to fill out a Missing Assignment sheet even if you were absent. Obviously, you do not have to fill one out on the day you were absent.
    • You would write that you were absent on this day(s) and that is why you do not have the assignment (under the reason portion of the Missing Assignment sheet).