• Office Lens

    Posted by LORENA GONZALEZ on 3/1/2018

    Office Lens

    Office Lens can

    • turn printed materials into digital materials in Word, OneNote, PowerPoint, Outlook or OneDrive

    • easily turn text from a book into an editable Word document

    • read aloud with the Immersive Reader

    Online training in the Microsoft community


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  • Dynamic Learning V. Static Learning

    Posted by LORENA GONZALEZ on 2/9/2018

    This is a wonderful visual of where our classrooms need to be heading.

    Visit Kasey Bell's website to read the full article. 

    Dynamic Learning V. Static Learning

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  • Escape the Room using One Note

    Posted by LORENA GONZALEZ on 12/13/2017

    Have you heard about an Escape Room? You basically lock people up in a room and provide them with challenges which they have to figure out to break out of the room before they run out of time. Well, an Escape Room One Note Edition is essentially the same thing except you don't have to lock anybody up.

    You can say that an Escape Room One Note Edition is a modification of the wonderful BreakoutEDU challenges. 


    The videos below show you how to play and how to set it up.


    Click HERE to view some sample Escape Room. (Browse the menu on the left-hand side to explore different Escape rooms)


    Also check out this wonderful SWAY, by Fredda, who has put together a great list of resources which can be used to create challenges for your Escape Room. CLICK HERE


    How to set up?


    How to play?

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  • Mystery Skype

    Posted by LORENA GONZALEZ on 11/1/2017

    Mystery Skype


    What is it?

    Mystery Skype is an educational game, played by two classrooms trying to guess the location of the other class using yes/no questions. Once the game is over we can allow a few minutes for each class to share some interesting facts about their cultures or where they live. 





    Lesson Plan

     Where to find classes to Skype with?


    • @Skype Classroom
    • @MicrosoftEDU
    • #MysterySkype
    • #Skypetolearn


    • Mystery Skype group
    • Educator groups

    Google + communities

    • Connected Classrooms
    • Mystery Skype/Google Hangouts

    Microsoft Education Community

    • Skype in the classroom 



    Google Maps

    Countries of the World

    World Book

    Time Zone Converter


    Time Zone Map



    Mystery Skype



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  • PD in your PJs - 21 Things Technology Challenges

    Posted by LORENA GONZALEZ on 10/23/2017

    21 Challenges/ 7 months


    PD in your PJs

    21 Things


    Ready for fun professional development which can be done at your own pace, anywhere and in your PJs!!

    The middle/junior high ETSs have designed 21 technology challenges that will allow you to explore 21 different technology tools. You have 7 months to complete all 21 challenges. For every challenge completed you will earn one hour of technology professional development. All the instructions are available through our 21 Things Edmodo class. You can pick and choose whichever activity you want to complete at any time and submit your final product to the specific Edmodo group. 

    Part of the 21 Things Technology Challenges is that you keep a blog on your teacher website to reflect on the challenges you complete. Some challenges require that you explore a specific technology tool and submit your blog reflection for credit. Keeping a blog not only helps you keep track of all you have learned, but it also creates a place for others to learn from your adventures and can serve as evidence for your professional goals!!


     Getting started:

    • Log into Edmodo with Office 365 (How- to video)
    • On the left under Groups, click Join a Group
    • Enter the Group Code: p8ecvq and click Join
    • The 21 Challenges appear on the left
    • Click on Challenge 1 and complete the assignment
    • Challenges may be completed in any order
    • Deadline is May 25th.
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  • Quizlet LIVE

    Posted by LORENA GONZALEZ on 9/4/2017

    Quizlet is a vocabulary tool that has existed for a long time now, but recently added a new awesome feature called Quizlet LIVE!


    Quizlet LIVE creates a collaborative, engaging game that allows students to practice vocabulary while they have fun. 

    Quizlet LIVE is an easy activity for BYOD lesson because it can be played using any device that is connected to the internet (cell phones, tablets, laptops, iPads, desktops, etc). 


    How it works:

    Teachers select a vocabulary set with at least 12 questions and select the LIVE option to start a game. This generates a code that will be shared with students. Students use a web browser to access quizlet.com/live and enter the code provided by the teacher. When the teacher sees that all her students have joined, he/she clicks on create a game and students are randomely grouped in different animal categories. Students find their groups and once they are ready the teachers starts the game by clicking on Start Game. The FUN part about Quizlet LIVE is that each student in the group will have different answers appear on their screens, only ONE of them has the right answer. This forces students to collaborate to figure out the answer and advance to the next question. If the group gets a wrong answer they start from zero and forces students to review all terms again. Once a team wins the game stops. At the end the students get a review of the cards they need to study for next time. 

    Requirements to play Quizlet LIVE:

    1. Create a FREE Quizlet account
    2. Use a set that has at least 12 vocabulary terms
    3. Must have at least 6 participants to start a game


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  • Classroom Screen

    Posted by LORENA GONZALEZ on 8/1/2017

    This summer I discovered ClassroomScreen!

    ClassroomScreen is a website with a variety of classroom tools all in one place for FREE! No downloads required or anything fancy, just go directly to the website and start using it. 


    Here are a few things you can do in Classroom Screen:

    How it works
    Project this in your classroom.

    You can… 

    • choose a background 
    • type your instruction in the text area and zoom
    • choose a work symbol 
    • set a timer or show the clock 
    • use the traffic light 
    • pick a random name
    • do some simple math
    • draw in-screen or full-screen
    • generate a qr-code
    • drag and drop the icons in the right place


    Here is a picture of a busy ClassroomScreen at work. You can keep it as busy or as clean as you'd like. I tested the random name picker and it was as easy as typing student names or pasting a list directly from a word document. This would be great to randomly call on students to participate in class.



    I love that this application is available in different languages, see picture below for languages available.


    Don't waste any more time and start using ClassroomScreen!!

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