• TCEA Recap

    Posted by Michelle Leggett on 2/10/2017

    So as I spent the week talking with vendors and other district instructional technology specialists, I learned of several new tools that really took my breathe away.  The first one is Recap a free app that can also be used on any wireless device to record a video/audio response to a question prompt.  Now this isn't anything mind blowing, as you can also do this with Flipgrid or any other means, however Recap places all responses into a cool short video with graphics.  It is an excellent way to gather student responses, use as an exit ticket, or edit down to the best ideas and start your next class day with a 'recap' of the previous day's lesson.

    The second tool that has added some great features is Quizizz.  It allows for a gamification of your lesson, but unlike other great ones like Kahoot, Quizizz can be left open and assigned as homework, and recently they released an app that will read out the questions for students with disabilities. For me, this bumps up Quizizz in my repertoire of gamification tools for the classroom.

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  • 21 Things Year Two, Round 1

    Posted by Michelle Leggett on 10/1/2016

    21 Things for PD....or Professional Development in your Pajamas!  We had good feedback from our amazing teachers about using this tool for PD at their leisure, so we are at it again.  Tangila Webb and I started with just our campuses, but have expanded our to all our middle and junior high schools.  The main communication tool and assignment submission is via Edmodo.

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