• Follow the steps below in order to access your online textbook:

    1. Visit the PISD website and click on the STUDENTS tab, or use https://www.pearlandisd.org/Page/301
    2. Click on Online Textbooks

    Student Links

    3. Select Intermediate School (grades 5-8), then HMH Textbiooks (HRW)


    4. Click to begin Login


    How to Log in:


    5.This should open the DASHBOARD

    ***Be sure to select Texas Go Math Grade 8 from the dropdown menu.  It will display Algebra 1 as the default.




  • The following panel can be found at the bottom of the page for each new unit, and shows the interactive features that may be used as resources by simply clicking on th icon on the pages of the online student edition.




    Real World Video:

    Real World Video

    Click to see a real-world example of the concept being used/applied.


    Personal Trainer:

    Personal Trainer

    Select one of the options depending on help neeeded


    Math on the Spot

    Math on teh Spot

    Click to see a lesson tutorial presented by Professor Berger.


    Animated Math


    Animated Math

    Click for interactive option with immediate feedback.