• Jim Crow Webquest

    The purpose of this webquest is to build background knowledge on the social climate of the 1950's for the play A Raisin in the Sun.

    A Raisin in the Sun - very brief intro

    • The play is the story of the Youngers, a struggling African-American family whose members deal with poverty, racism, and painful conflict among themselves as they reach for a better life.
    • Setting: Chicago's South Side, sometime between WWII (1945) and 1959.


    Activity #1

    1. Visit the Jim Crow Museum to complete Activity #1
    2. Conduct your own Internet research for additional information as needed


    Activity #2

    1. Choose one of the narratives below. Read that person's story about living under the Jim Crow laws and answer the questions on your handout.
    • T.R. Davidson -
      • Story about his struggles to become a pilot
    • R.C. Hickman
      • Story about being an African American photographer after WWII
    • Joseph Holloway
      • Story about his family road trip from Los Angeles (not as strict with Jim Crow Laws) to Louisiana (strict Jim Crow Laws)
    • Nobuo Honda
      • Story about a Hawaiian who journeyed to the South for Army training.
    Activity #3
    1. Use your knowledge gained from the previous Jim Crow Webquest activities to draft an essay on Jim Crow Laws
    • Answer the questions on the outline handout to draft an organized, informative paper
    •  Click here to view the outline on the handout


    Adapted from mslopezsclass.weebly.com