• Why Become IT Fundamentals Certified?

    Because CompTIA is a well-respected developer of vendor-neutral industry certifications, becoming IT Fundamentals certified proves that you have a base level of knowledge in the specific areas tested by the IT Fundamentals objectives.

    Four major benefits are associated with becoming IT Fundamentals certified:
    • Proof of Professional Achievement: Computer professionals are pretty competitive when it comes to collecting more certifications than their peers. And because the IT Fundamentals certification broadly covers the entire field of computers, it’s a great stepping-stone to prove that you have what it takes to succeed in this industry. Because it’s rare to gain something that’s worth a lot with little effort, I’ll be honest—preparing for the IT Fundamentals exam isn’t exactly a lazy day at the beach. But passing the test is worth it because it will get the attention of potential employers.
    • Opportunity for Advancement: We all like to get ahead in our careers—advancement results in more responsibility and prestige, and it usually means a fatter paycheck, greater opportunities, and added options. In the IT sector, a great way to make sure all that good stuff happens is by earning a lot of technology certifications, including IT Fundamentals.
    • Fulfillment of Training Requirements: IT Fundamentals, because of its wide-reaching industry support, is recognized as a baseline of computer knowledge. This can potentially fulfill IT-related training requirements set forth by your company.
    • Customer Confidence: As companies discover the CompTIA advantage, they will undoubtedly require qualified staff to achieve these certifications. Many companies outsource their work to consulting firms with experience working with security. Firms that have certified staff have a definite advantage over firms that don’t.

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