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Robbie at Barnes and Noble 2016
  • A Rail Cat is a resilient cat that lives in a rail yard. During the 1890s the town of Pearland was settled along the Gulf,  Colorado, and Santa Fe rail line.  With this in mind, the mascot options for Turner College & Career High School were based on railroad themes. In October, 2012 the community voted and selected the winning mascot, the Rail Cat. Like our local businessmen, businesswomen, and Pearland leaders we want our students to learn the value of hard work and persistence.  The resilience and persistence of the Rail Cat to survive and succeed is a great model for our students pursuing great ventures in college and careers. 


    Thanks to all the teachers and administrators who volunteered their personal time for us. We appreciate you!


    Who is Robbie the Rail Cat? He is the best and baddest cat around...