School Supplies
  • Student Notebook


    Students will need a 5-subject spiral notebook for my class. It is best if the notebook has a hard plastic cover and dividers with pockets. This notebook will be used daily in class and stored in my room. Because of the amount of use, it is best to have the more durable plastic cover as it lasts longer.

    Random notebook checks will be given throughout the year. Because of this, students must make sure they have their notebooks with them each day in class. Students do have the option to keep their notebooks in class; they are able to take it with them at anytime for studying or to look over it. However, it is their responsibility to have it with them in class each day. 




  •  Other supplies needed: (A FLASH DRIVE IS NOT NEEDED FOR THIS CLASS)

    1. Blue or black ink pens or pencils for assignments (pens are prefered)

    2. Highlighters  - colors may vary

    3. Glue sticks, mini stapler, or tape to attach things into your notebook

    4. Markers and colored pencils for various projects - students may bring their own or donate to the class supply.

    5. Students may use colored pens for use in their notebooks - not to be used on assignments that will be graded.

    6. Optional - Post-it notes, Folder tabs/flags for organization

    Folder tabs


    Post-it Notes

    Additional supplies for class use

    1. Hand sanitizer 

    2. Tissues


School Supplies