Tutorial Reminders and Retest Procedures

  • Tutorial Reminders and Retest Procedures:


    8:00-8:30AM & 3:50-4:20PM

    1. Students have five (5) days to make up work or retest.  It is the STUDENT'S responsibility to communicate with the teacher if he or she is absent.

    If the grade is below a 70 on any assignment, I make a note in the comment section of the gradebook on the cut off date for make up or retake. This will not show in the app version of Skyward.

    2. With test corrections, students are not given their test back to make corrections but are given an alternate test to take. I do this because we go over the test in class. Again, I make a note of the cut off date in the gradebook.

    3. Students must retest and get them ALL correct to receive a 70.  Students will have one (1) chance to retest.

    4. Daily work can be corrected within the five (5) day period (from when the graded paper is given to student).  Students MUST CORRECT IN TUTORIALS!

    5. The STUDENT is responsible for what tests/assignments he or she should make-up.  Students must check on Skyward for the name of assignment/test PRIOR to attending tutorials and be PREPARED with the name of the assignment for which needs to be tested.

    6. According to Berry Miller policy, a student must stay in tutorials until 8:28 unless Ms. Shuptar has written a pass for him/her to attend another tutorial.