• Staff Contacts


  • Christy Weddington
    Director of Special Programs

              • Department Management and Operations
              • Special Education Compliance
              • Section 504 Compliance
  • Coordinators 


  • Krystal EvansKrystal Evans
    Coordinator of Special Programs – Elementary

              • Campus support for all elementary special education programs
              • Preschool Program for Children with Disabilities (PPCD)
              • Galveston-Brazoria Cooperative for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Liaison
  • Shelley LescoShelley Lesco
    Coordinator of Special Programs – Middle School/Junior High

              • Campus support for all middle school and junior high special education programs
              • Homebound Instruction and Services
              • Extended School Year Services
  • Edith FitzgeraldEdith Fitzgerald
    Coordinator of Special Programs – High School

              • Campus support for all high school special education programs
              • Residential Facilities Liaison
              • Transition Specialist
  • Jennifer HademenosJennifer Hademenos
    Coordinator of Special Programs – Evaluation

              • Child Find and Private School Evaluations
              • Supervision of Licensed Specialists in School Psychology (LSSP) and Educational Diagnosticians
              • Independent Educational Evaluations
  • Monica ReynoldsMonica Reynolds
    Coordinator of Health Services

              • Development, implementation, and evaluation of a comprehensive health services program 
              • Provide leadership to all members of the health services team 
              • Collaborate with district leadership to develop policies, procedures, and standards of healthcare for students and staff 
  • Specialists


  • Amy MoesAmy Moes
    Section 504/Dyslexia Specialist

              • Campus support for Section 504 compliance
              • Campus support for Dyslexia identification and services
              • Dyslexia Parent Advisory contact
  • Angela HalliganAngela Halligan
    Behavior Specialist

              • Campus support for all Behavior Support and Intervention (BSI) programs
              • Behavior RtI
              • Crisis Prevention and Intervention (CPI) Lead Trainer
  • Crystal PughCrystal Pugh
    Behavior Specialist

              • Campus support for all Behavior Support and Intervention (BSI) programs
              • Behavior RtI
              • Crisis Prevention and Intervention (CPI) Lead Trainer
  • Mary Kate PunaMary Kate Puna
    Lead Speech Language Pathologist

              • Campus support for all speech therapy programs
              • Provide leadership to Speech Language Pathologists
              • Coordinate Private School Speech Services
  • Dr. Michael BrandonDr. Michael Brandon
    District Psychologist

              • Mental health services
              • Non-Ed Funding
              • Special Education Transportation Liaison
  • Support Staff