DHS Library Policies and Procedures

  • The library is open 7:00am - 2:50pm.

    Students may check out books, magazines, and calculators. Students may have any combination of five items total checked out at one time. Due to COVID, we are temporarily suspending the charge of overdue fines. However, students must pay the replacement value for items that they lose or damage beyond repair.

    Students may use the library computers to search the library catalog, type papers, and conduct online research. Using the computers to play games is not allowed. Students may print one copy of a document on the library printer for free. If students need multiple copies of a document, they may use the coin-operated copier in the library. Copies cost 10 cents per page and the copier only accepts coin payment.

    Students must wear a mask in the library at all times and will therefore not be allowed to eat or drink in the library.