Degrees and Certifications:


 Class Expectations:

  • RESPECT each other and each others belongings
  • PREPARATION--always be ready for class (this means be on time and have school supplies/books/PC's ready for both virtual and in-person learners)
  • HEADPHONES for Virtual Learners: wear headphones during class to limit distractions and to help you focus and hear the lesson much better
  • PDF LIST of STUDENT EXPECTATIONS: Student Expectations.pdfPreview the document

Grading Policy:

  • All assignments are important assignments and are subject to grading at the discretion of the teacher
  • Daily work is 60% of your Term Grade, Tests are 40% of your Term Grade
  • If you fail an assignment or test you will have up to 3 days to redo the assignment to bring the assignment grade up to a 70% score
  • You are expected to check your grades in Skyward every week and communicate with the teacher regarding any missing work, redo's, or grading changes that are needed at your earliest convenience

Disciplinary Policy:

  • Conduct Marks are given for breaking class rules
  • GRIT points are given for students who excel at responsibility and who demonstrate motivation to accomplish learning goals
  • Virtual Students and In-Person Students will both be expected to keep the same standards of behavior during class

Student Handbook:

Student Handbook (English)

Manual del Estudiante (Spanish)

Dress Code:

Dress Code (English)

PISD Code of Conduct:

Code of Conduct (English)