Theatre II is a continuation of Theater Arts I and is designed for students with a genuine interest in theater. Topics include advanced stage movement, voice and diction development, audition techniques, and character analysis. Performance work consists of memorized monologues, duets, and one acts plays. Attendance at two home campus theatre performances (evening or weekend) per semester is required.

    Theatre III is designed for students with an intense interest in theater. This course focuses on advanced voice and diction, stage movement, and character analysis with heavy concentration on acting styles, script analysis, and performance techniques. Performance work consists completely of scripted work. Theatre III students will participate in at least one production each semester.

    Theatre IV is a continuation of Theatre III and is designed for students dedicated to perfecting their acting skills. Topics include professional acting techniques, theater theory and criticism, and basic directing techniques. Students are introduced to theater sources for purposes of research, scripts, auditioning, education, and play attendance.