• 3rd Nine Weeks of School

    2nd Nine Weeks

    January 14


    Jane Eyre Timed Writing

     If you were absent, you can make this up Wednesday, Thursday or Friday during 1st period in room 2318 (Munoz's room).


    you can come during Thursday and Friday's Eagle Hour. 

    Friday will have to be in room 2318, Munoz's room.



    January 15


    9th and 10th ELA

    Release Test


    All students will meet in homeroom this day.


    January 16


    Jane Eyre Inner/Outer Circle

     Levels of Questions

     Discussion Form

    If you were absent you must – you must take your two level three questions and answer in the following format:

    Each question must be 500 words each or longer. 

    Your paper must be in MLA format:

    Times Roman Font: Size 12 Font

    Double spaced

    1” left, right, top, bottom margins

    Stapled to top of your levels of questions assignment.

    Turn in at the beginning of class when you return to school.

    Students turned in Jane Eyre novels today.

    January 17

    Discuss assignment for Canterbury Tales (Pilgrim Trading Card)

    Trading Card Project

    Due:  Wednesday, 3-6-2019

    The 3 x 5 Index Card distributed in class on Wednesday, January 9th is due today.  The 3 x 5 card must be completed and filled out and turned in to teacher (this will contain student’s personal information as discussed and mentioned on 1/9/2019)

    Discuss Canterbury Tales Poetry Project.

    Poetry Project

    Due:  Friday, 3-8-2019

    January 18


    Background on Ralph Ellison for Invisible Man

    Ellison Study Guide Questions







    1st Nine Weeks

    January 7



    January 8



    January 9


    Start of 3rd Nine Weeks / Report Cards


    December Scholarship Due to Turnitin.com!


    Distribute Invisible Man novels.  (Reading pace, 97 pages per week)

    Due:  February 25

     IM Significant Moment

    Distribute Levels of Questioning for Jane Eyre

    Due January 15th

     Levels of Questions for Inner-Outer Circle

    Students sign up for a Pilgrim in which they will create a Trading Card for that pilgrim. 

    Munoz Classes (1)

    Munoz Classes - 2

    This assignment will be explained on Monday, January 22nd

    Here is The Canterbury Tales:  The Prologue.  If you read this prologue can give you an idea of what the pilgrims are like.  You will have to use this book to design your pilgrim.

    Munoz’s sign-up sheet will be posted on front of board in teacher classroom.

    Students were given a 3 x 5 index card in which they listed all of their hobbies, interests, employment, habits, vehicle, family, music, likes, dislikes, social media favs, etc.  ALL OF THIS MUST BE LISTED ON ONE SIDE OF THE CARD ONLY!  DO NOT WRITE ANYTHING ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE CARD!!!!  That goes for First and Last name as well.

    January 10


    Discuss Timed Writing Prompt “Birthday Party”

    Birthday Party Prompt

    Tone, POV, Irony, Imagery


    Writing Examples:

     Student Example

     Birthday Party YouTube Explanation


    Birthday Party Rubric

    January 11


    Jane Eyre Take Home Exam due!


    Birthday Party Timed Writing (Quiz Grade)