• 2017-18 Pre-AP Binder Set-up

     Front: Current Calendar always!

     Divider #1: Class Info/Policies


                    -Procedures and Expectations

                    -Plagiarism Quick Review

    Divider #2: Current Assignments

    Divider #3: Notes

    • Literary Elements Notes
    • TKAM Notes

     Divider #4: Handouts

                    -Writing about Theme (neon orange)

                    -The Complexity of Point of View (neon green)

                    -Analytical Paragraph directions (pink)

                    -FIDDLS (purple)

                    -Talking about Diction/Writing about Imagery (purple)

    Divider #5: Poetry

                    -SPOTTTS (yellow)

    Divider #6: Vocab

                    -Unit 1 List

     Divider #7: Grammar

                    -SAM: Sentence Analysis Map (neon green)

     Divider #8:  Texts

                    -“My Name”