• Guitar Program

    Guitar education is rooted in social justice by emphasizing access, equity, and rigor for populations who may not have had access to or interest in music education in schools in the past.

    Guitar Did you know that...

    • High-quality classical guitar programs are beginning in schools all around the US
    • Guitar classes draw and retain diverse students to the fine arts
    • A class set of 30 guitars can be acquired for less than the cost of one tuba
    • A quality guitar ensemble is a powerful, versatile ambassador for the arts in your community

    What does the classical guitar program look like?

    • These are ensemble classes where students learn with the same rigorous standards as any great
      choir, orchestra or band program.
    • Our curriculum, developed in Texas, is aligned with state standards for music education.
    • The methods are proven. Participating schools have won countless national awards.

    Organizations supporting classroom guitar education