Mind Map Project Details

  • On your final poster...

    Mind Map - title

    Your name and class period

    Three main themes that you chose (example: Heroism, Greed, Family)

    For each main theme, you have three examples. You need a literature example, a current event, and a historical example for each of your three themes. This is 9 total examples.

    Each of your 9 example should be explained. Copy the Who, What, Where, When, and Why over from your 3 rough draft papers.

    Color coordinate your examples with the main theme. (example: "Heroism" and my three examples, "Harry Potter," "First Responders," and "Harriet Tubman" are all written in purple)

    Each of your 9 examples needs a picture. These can be drawn and colored OR printed out (doesn't need to be color ink).

    You will turn in your 3 rough draft papers, brainstorm chart, and rubric with the final poster at the end of class on Monday (or by the end of the day at 2:45).