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    Through Box Tops for Education, America’s schools have earned over $800 million ~ you can find Box Tops on hundreds of products throughout grocery stores.




    Your child’s advisory teacher turns in the collected Box Tops to our Consumer Loyalty Coordinator, Candace Saldivar, who then inspects and organizes them to ensure they are in Box Tops “compliance” to meet the Box Tops submission deadlines in October and February so our school can receive checks distributed in December and April.


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    You can find Box Tops on hundreds of products. Download the complete list of participating products here.




    Send your Box Tops with your child to school in a baggie, or on collection sheets

     Ten cents

    Clip Box Tops from each package.



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    Box Tops are each worth 10¢ for our school.



    Support Our School

    Shop through the Box Tops website where you can access coupons, earn additional Box Tops and support our school all year long! Make sure to check back often for Bonus Box Tops opportunities.

    Check to see when stores hold promotions giving away Bonus Box Tops and click here, for current store offerings. 

    Ever wondered what to do with those 14-digit Bonus Box Tops Codes you sometimes obtain on a package or from the store checkout?  Redeem your  codes by clicking here


    In combination with the on-pack Box Tops clips and other coupons, discounts, store programs and/or promotions, you can now help us earn even more cash by downloading the FREE Box Tops for Education® Bonus App! 1-2-3 steps and that’s it, you’re done ~ here’s how it works:

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