• Cancer Unwrapped Writing Contest

    Posted by KYLA MORA on 1/6/2021


    The Cancer Unwrapped Teen Writing Contest opens a dialogue with teens about their emotions and realities when dealing with cancer, whether their own diagnosis or the diagnosis of a loved one.

    This annual event encourages teens to write about their experiences for the opportunity to win one of several $1,000 cash prizes.


    We aim to give a voice to teens representing an array of social identities and lived experiences. Our mission at Cancer Pathways (formerly Gilda's Club Seattle) is to 'face cancer together' - this writing contest is one of the ways we help teens and their families realize they are not alone.

    2021 Contest Eligibility & Guidelines

    • Open to students in the United States in grades 9-12
    • Essay length must range between 500-1,000 words
    • The contest deadline is March 14th, 2021, midnight PST
    • Cash prizes of $1,000 will be awarded to the winners.


    You can read previous contest essays online - we guarantee that reading these stories will move you and leave you feeling inspired.


    If you need any assistance with outreach or have any questions, please contact Program Manager Lisa Hubert at lisa@cancerpathways.org.



    Contest Flyer

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  • RailCat News Features TMC Game!

    Posted by KYLA MORA on 12/9/2020

    Recently our excellent A/V program Rail Cat News produced a segment on our Martian Chronicles Game! Although it doesn't show the fun we had at our final party, it is a nice nod to some of the things we do in English to keep it fresh. If you have a Pearland ISD account login you can view it here: 


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  • The Martian Chronicle Comes to an End!

    Posted by KYLA MORA on 11/16/2020

    Congratulations to all teams! This year we concluded our Martian Chronicles game in epic fashion, with several teams losing all of their members at the very end. Even with half of our students at home learning remotely, we did our best to make it a festive occasion befitting the end of a long space journey. 

    Winning teams received prizes and every student received a memento of their trip, along with some Mars and Earth-themed goodies. 

    Thank you to all the parents who pitched in time, funds, and creativity to make our party something fun for the students!

    Mars and Earth teams pose with their banners

    Teams pose with their banners

    Students signed each others' souvenirs

    Students put on space-themed temporary tattoos

    Mars and Earth-themed cookies


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  • Scholastic Books Galore

    Posted by KYLA MORA on 11/5/2020

    My first box of books from the grant

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  • I'm a Patterson Grant Winner!!

    Posted by KYLA MORA on 11/5/2020

    I Won! Scholastic Book Clubs and James Patterson Partnership Grant Winner

    In what is some of the most exciting news I've had in a while, I am so excited to announce that I was chosen as a recipient of the Scholastic Book Clubs and James Patterson Partnership book grant this year! 


    I was among 5,000 teachers throughout the United States who received a grant, part of a $2.5 million personal donation made by James Patterson. 


    To learn more about the program and see the full list of grant recipients, visit: http://www.scholastic.com/pattersonpartnership/. 


    To be considered for the grant, I was asked to share in 50 characters or less how I planned to use the funds and Bonus Points to help build my classroom library. As a grant recipient, I will have access to additional support from Patterson and Scholastic Book Clubs in the form of a special online boutique filled with promotional discounts on books for every type of reader, as well as a monthly newsletter filled with ideas for building classroom and at-home libraries, all created with the goal of helping teachers stretch the dollars even further to benefit as many kids as possible.  

    If you've ever been in my classroom, you know that my class library is full of books that I've built slowly into a library by scrounging yard sales and book sales wherever I can find them. So $500 for brand new, high interest book titles for my students is a phenomenal help, and goes a long way to promoting independent reading in the classroom. 

    Thanks to the Patterson grant, I was able to purchase over 70 new books for my room! 



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  • Our Martian Chronicle 2018-19

    Posted by KYLA MORA on 5/20/2019

    An anthology of original fiction, inspired by Ray Bradbury's "The Martian Chronicles," produced by my 2018-19 English II classes. Enjoy!


    PDF copy of Our Martian Chronicle

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  • English III Presentations: "The Great Gatsby"

    Posted by KYLA MORA on 3/8/2019

    My English III classes did some research on topics related to "The Great Gatsby" before we began reading it in class. After creating an informative PDF, they then created a video and posted it to a community space where other students could view and comment on their work.

    The projects covered topics like Popular Criminals, Prohibition, Music and Dancing, Social Status in the 1920s, Flappers, World War I, Automobiles and more!

    PDFs: https://padlet.com/morak1/gatsby  (Password: jgatsby)

    Videos: https://flipgrid.com/jgatsby (Password: jgatsby)

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  • English II Infographics: "1984"

    Posted by KYLA MORA on 3/6/2019 7:20:00 AM

    My English II classes recently finished the novel "1984" by George Orwell. They were then required to design an infographic showing how the novel fits the typical pattern of the dystopian genre. Students posted their work to Padlet.

    Check it out! The password: infographic.

    Also, check out a couple of student examples below!

    Infographic by Megan Romero

    Infographic by Rebecca Rodriguez

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  • Six-Word Scary Story Contest

    Posted by KYLA MORA on 10/30/2018

    Write the scariest story in six words


    Enter your six-word scary story in a contest! So Get This (Podcast Club) will select the best submissions to share on the air, and a grand prize winner will receive a prize pack!


    All submissions are due by November 7.



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  • An app to help you stay off your phone

    Posted by KYLA MORA on 1/5/2018

    If you're one of those people who has trouble in class because you're constantly distracted by your phone, this app might help. I recently discovered an app called Forest, which grows a tree as you engage in focused work. When you leave the app, the tree dies. If you engage in focused work over time, you grow a forest, and the group behind the app plants real trees around the world. It's a neat way to keep your hands off your phone, as you keep your tree growing. 

    Check it out: https://www.forestapp.cc/en/

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