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This course is for students who desire a university-level freshman inorganic chemistry class that meets the College Board AP Chemistry requirements. Extensive problem-solving and analysis are required. Self-motivation and organization are a must. Topics will include, but are not limited to: periodicity,  quantum mechanics, equilibrium, and thermodynamics. A complete listing can be found at the College Board website This course is recommended for students who plan to major in science, engineering, pre-med, or math in college and are planning to attend a 4-year university. A strong algebra math foundation is essential for success. It is recommended that students be enrolled in Pre- Calculus or higher math when taking AP Chemistry 2. Students will need to keep a detailed laboratory notebook. Students are expected to take the AP exam.


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Gano, Diana 



Completion of Algebra 2, Biology 1 (Pre-AP Preferred), Chemistry 1 (Pre-AP Credits: 1.5 GP: 6 Preferred)