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Physics C: Electric and Magnetism

This course is for those students who desire a course in university-level freshman physics that meets the College Board AP Physics C course requirements. Extensive problem-solving and analysis is required. Students must be self-motivated and organized. Topics covered in this course are mechanics (fall semester) and electricity and magnetism (spring semester). A complete topic listing can be found at the College board website. This course is recommended for those students who plan to major in science, engineering, or math in college and are planning on attending a 4-year university. A strong math foundation is essential for success. This course is calculus-based and therefore concurrent enrollment (or prior completion of) calculus is mandatory. A detailed laboratory report book will be required. This class requires attendance at lab sessions outside of the regular school day. Lab dates and times are determined by the teacher and science department. Failure to attend lab sessions will result in loss of course credit. This class prepares students for the AP exam.

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Mark Lesmeister



Completion of or enrollment in Calculus (AP recommended), Biology 1, Chemistry 1, Physics 1 (AP preferred)