• Intra-District Student Transfers for Children of Full-time Employees

    Employee and child live inside the Pearland ISD boundary. You must select Intra-District Transfer in the program.


    Transfer period begins February 1, 2022.


    Grandfather Transfers

    Due to the District’s rezoning of some attendance zones, a grandfather transfer application will be available only to incoming 4th grade, 6th grade, and 8th grade students whose homes were rezoned. Students who live in areas affected by the rezoning may apply to be grandfathered to remain at their current campus for one year. An intra-district transfer application is required to continue attendance. You will select “previous campus attended” as your requested campus and check “grandfather transfer” for the reason.  Transfer eligibility is required. Siblings will not be included in grandfather transfers and transportation will not be provided.



    A child of a full-time Pearland ISD employee: The full-time employee must be the parent the child lives with and:

    1. Be listed as parent on the student’s birth certificate, OR
    2. Be married to the parent listed on the student’s birth certificate and live with the student, OR
    3. Be the court appointed permanent legal guardian who lives with the student

    Other relations are not accepted. Documentation is required to establish eligibility.

    A fulltime employee of Pearland ISD: an employee with a permanent position who receives a regular paycheck from Pearland ISD and qualifies for TRS.  It does not include substitutes or contract workers.


    Instruction for Employees

    Employees must register their employee information in the program to have access past the deadline for non-employees, or to request your work location as the campus if it is a closed campus.

    If you are a recent hire:  The program will not recognize you as an employee until all of your employment information has been processed by the HR Dept., Technology Dept., and Payroll Dept. If you are a full time employee and the transfer program does not recognize you as such, contact those departments to expedite the processing of your employment information.

    The following programs have their own criteria for acceptance. The student transfer program does not process intra-district transfers for the listed programs. You must apply for acceptance to these programs through the program administrator.

    PACE Center
    Turner College and Career High School
    GT Academy
    Dual Language Program
    Bilingual Classes

    All Special Program transfer requests will be reviewed by Special Program administrator and transfers will be approved based on program capacity and staffing requirements. Transfers are not ARD decisions and students will also have to meet transfer eligibility requirements.

    The following campuses are closed to intra-district transfers unless the parent is a full-time employee at that campus, or the student was a transfer student attending that campus prior to being named a closed campus. Additional campuses and/or programs may close as they reach capacity.

    Magnolia Elementary
    Sablatura Middle School
    Pearland Junior High South
    Pearland Junior High West
    Dawson High School

    The transfer program will not allow you to select a campus that is closed unless the parent works full time at that campus and their employee information is registered in the program. If a student was a transfer student at a closed campus prior to the campus being closed, you will select “previous campus attended” to continue attendance.


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