• How to Format a Paper

    Formatting a paper can be a learning process, especially if you do not have a lot of experience. Below is a breakdown of what your paper should include, and how it should look (think of it as a sort of “checklist” when constructing a paper):


    **It is important to note that these instruction were created for students using Microsoft Word


    1. Title Page
      1. This page should be the first page in your paper
      2. It should be located in the center of your paper- in Times New Roman or Ariel font, 12 pt in size, and double spaced
      3. The Title page should include the following:
        1. Title of Paper
        2. Name(s)
        3. Class Period
    2. Body
      1. This page contains all of your research. Your first sentence should be indented.
      2. There should be more than one long paragraph in your paper. Each time you create a new paragraph, make sure to indent
      3. Since you have a title page, you do not need to title pages that follow the title page (other than your last page- “References”)
      4. Create a Header (insert or view> header and footer) and type your first and last name. Orient your name to the right side of the document. If done correctly, then your first and last name should appear on all of your pages
        1. You will need to take the header off of the title page. Here is how:
          1. Double click where the header is located. Find the header menu (it should say “header and footer tools” and the tab should say “Design”)
          2. Click the “Different First Page” box. This should erase the header on your title page
      5. Your font should be in Times New Roman or Ariel, 12pt in size, and double spaced
    3. References
        1. This page contains all of the websites used during your research
        2. Title this page “References.” This title should be centered, in Times New Roman or Ariel font, 12 pt in size, and double spaced
        3. Using www.citationmachine.net (this is the best website I have seen so far) add in your website information (or book or video) as best as you can’
      1. Once completed, it will generate a citation. You will copy and paste the citation in your “References” page. When you cite further sources and paste them into your references page, you will need to make sure that the are in alphabetical order




    Correctly formatting a document is very important when constructing a well developed paper. Please click on the link below for more information on how to correctly format a paper. 




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