Language Arts Binder

  • The language arts binder is the daily class spiral students will use in class. It can be either a 3 or 5-subjct spiral. Students should also get a spiral with a plastic cover as the paper cover ones tend to tear apart easily causing some students to replace their notebooks during the school year.  

    1. Students will use the first section of their binder for taking interactive notes and attaching useful handouts that are passed out in class. This section will be used for reference when completing writing assignments and finding answers to open-note tests. 
    2. The second and third sections of their binder will be used for class reading responses. Most responses will be tied to independent reading and will be graded which weekly to ensure class participation. 
    3.  Students are not required to write in cursive, however, extra credit of 5pts. will be given whenever cursvive is used through an entire assignment.  This includes daily and major grade assignments. 



    Looseleaf notebook paper for major writing assignments (students may use notebook from their notebooks, but that will quickly diminish their notebook paper supply.)