• Classroom Expectations and Policies



    R  aise my hand and wait my turn.  Excessive noise, tapping, humming, talking, etc., is unacceptable.

    E  veryone’s property is private.  Ask permission before taking.

    S  peak in an appropriate tone of voice and acceptable volume.  Use acceptable vocabulary.

    P  eople do not like to be hurt.  Keep hands, feet, objects, and rude comments to myself.  Stay in my seat.

    E  veryone comes to class prepared, in appropriate dress.

    C  lean up after myself.  No gum, drinks, or candy in class.

    T  ake responsibility in the hall.  Walk in a quiet straight line.





    CONSEQUENCES (per day):

    1st Conduct Mark - Warning Given

    2nd Conduct Mark - Conduct mark

    3rd Conduct mark - Call to parent

    4th Conduct Mark - Loss of privileges (seat moved, time out in another classroom, etc.)

    5th Conduct Mark - 30 minute detention with teacher (time at teacher’s discretion/parent is contacted)

    6th Conduct Mark - Referral to office


    Severe, unacceptable behavior will result in an immediate office referral and a “U” in conduct for the week.


    POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT.  Students will receive tickets which will be put in drawing for prizes for throughout the year.



    CONDUCT SCORING (per grading period):


    0-5 conduct marks—Excellent

    6-10  conduct marks—Satisfactory

    11-15 conduct marks—Needs Improvement

    16+   conduct marks—Unsatisfactory



    Daily/Homework assignments with scores less than 70 may be corrected for additional points. A grade of 70 is the highest possible grade that can be earned after a paper is corrected.  Test grades below a 70 must be corrected at school during tutoring time in a timely manner.  A grade of 70 is the highest possible grade that can be earned after a test is corrected.  Please see the Thursday folder for a more specific explanation of how corrections should be completed. Daily/Homework corrections are due no later than the Monday after the paper was returned to the student.  The last week of the Grading Period, corrected papers are due by Friday due to grades being exported for report cards.



    As a school policy, students have three days to complete makeup work.  Students absent for an extended period are given one day for each day missed to complete makeup work.  The school will provide makeup work for students with three consecutive absences at parent request. Twenty-four hour notice is required.  Please be aware that it is the students’ responsibility to ask the teachers for his/her missed assignments.



    Every Thursday, a team folder will come home with your student.  Graded papers and  important handouts will be placed in this folder.  Parents will need to sign  the folder signature sheet; the folder (minus papers and handouts) and signature sheet need to be returned each Friday.


    Student and parent conferences will be scheduled as the teacher deems necessary, or as the parent requests.