• Khan Academy is a free educational tool available to all students. Through their partnership with The College Board they are now the Official SAT Practice spot. Studies show that 20 hours of dedicated practice on Khan Academy has resulted in an average score jump of 80 points. This tool is used almost weekly in the SAT Prep course and students are encouraged to use it to practice on their own time. Occasional practice sets will be assigned for precal students as well - but more importantly it has access to videos and lessons explaining many of our concepts. 

    Parents - if you would like to see what your child is practicing on Khan Academy there is an option to create a "Parent" account and link it to your student in order to see what kind of time they have been spending on the site and what scores they have recieved. You even have the opportunity to assign them practice sets :) I've created a course for students who are planning on taking Precal to join over the summer for practice if you are interested. 


    6th Period - YUCQT4FT
    7th Period - GBTMPKXY


    PreCal Prerequisites:

    If you are looking to be better prepared at the start of precal next year, feel free to join this course to see some practices to keep your brain fresh over the summer :)

    Summer 2019 - 6QWJCE8Y



    1N SAT Prep - Math: 2U6U9RJ6
                           R/WL: C9KV7FAA

    1K SAT Prep - Math: W62EWAVM

    2N SAT Prep - Math: PJRWWABA
                           R/WL: HH3JEP3Q

    2K SAT Prep - Math: DAA4NAUH

    3N SAT Prep - Math: H7SZ8XR9
                           R/WL: ZHPYD88A

    3K SAT Prep - Math: ZCQ32HAM

    4N SAT Prep - Math: EURUJ7P7
                           R/WL: JEY5JCHF

    4K SAT Prep - Math: 4WYBSDB7