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  • Correction Policy

    Posted by Karen Spooner on 8/24/2018

    To Make Corrections


    On a separate piece of notebook paper, please provide the following:

    1. Name/Date/Homeroom
    2. Title of Corrected Assignment
    3. Write the entire question/answer choices for problems/questions missed.
    4. Show your work (if applicable).
    5. Write the correct answer.
    6. Staple the notebook paper on top of the original assignment.
    7. Then, turn in no later than the Monday after the paper was returned to you.*


    * On the last week of the 6-weeks, corrected papers are due by Friday due to grades being exported for report cards.

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  • Classroom Expectations

    Posted by Karen Spooner on 8/24/2018



    Raise my hand and wait my turn. Excessive

    noise, humming, tapping, etc., is unacceptable


    Everyone comes to class prepared, in

    appropriate dress.


    Speak in an appropriate tone of voice and an

    acceptable volume. Use acceptable vocabulary.


    People do not like to be hurt. Keep hands, feet,

    objects, and rude comments to myself. Stay in

    my seat.


    Everyone’s property is private. Ask permission

    before taking.


    Clean up after myself. No gum, drinks, or candy

    in class.


    Take responsibility in the hallways. Walk in a

    quiet, straight line.


    Our TEAM shows


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