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    Mrs. Schaefer’s Syllabus 2019-2020

    Berry Miller Junior High

    7th grade Reg & Advanced SCIENCE Room 845


    Class Room Procedures:

    Enter the classroom quietly and prepare for class BEFORE the tardy bells rings by:

    1. Get out needed materials, Science notebook, and sharpen pencil
    2. Reading the “I will” and Exit statement—READ THE ENTIRE BOARD
    3. Starting the Warm-up and activity for the day quietly
    4. If students enter the room in an inappropriate manner, they will be asked to leave and re-enter (may result in a tardy) or receive a disciplinary consequence.


    Classroom Materials

    Each student will have a Science Notebook that will be created in class and must be kept in class except for the day before a test.  Bring a pen or pencil to class EVERYDAY.  Each class is asked to also bring a classroom item to stay in the class. Throughout the year I will be requesting specific supplies for labs from the students, a list of supply requests will be located on my web page.


    Behavior & Substitutes

    Be P.R.O.U.D. Prepared, Respectful, On-time, Understanding, and Disciplined. 

                Any misconduct with substitutes is unacceptable. If a student’s name is written down for any negative reason, at my return they will be assigned an automatic two lunch detentions. Excellent behavior is always expected in the classroom.


    Make-up Work

    When you are absent, YOU are responsible for any work missed.  Check the extra copies in the absent bin for any work that you missed. Students are allowed three instructional days for each day missed with a maximum of six days to make up work after an absence.


    Correction Policy

    A student receiving a failing grade on a classroom assignment or a test with scores of 69 or below, can make corrections to earn a grade of up to a 70. The student must request from his/her teacher the opportunity to make corrections or schedule the retake of the test. Students have 3 days from the time the assignment is handed back to make corrections. This guideline does not include projects (no corrections), labs, semester/final exams, or district benchmarks. When making corrections, students must rewrite the question they got incorrect, write the correct answer, and justify why it is right. Failure to do these things will result in the failing grade remaining.


    Genius Hour – More details coming soon

                Advanced Science students class MUST complete a Genius Hour science project.  This project will allow students to research any topic (teacher approval needed) that they would like. Students will earn points in the Daily/Major Grade category as progress is being made. All advanced students will be required to participate in Genius Hour night, where student’s projects will be on display for parents and faculty.



     Students are always expected to know and practice good lab behavior. This includes participating and following lab safety guidelines. Not demonstrating good lab practice will impact the student’s grade in the following manner:

    • 10% reduction for not following lab safety rules
    • 10% reduction for not cleaning up/restocking at the end of lab
    • 10% reduction for not collecting data and participating
    • Detention/Referral


    Labs as Group Grades

    Much of the lab work is accomplished with the help of a partner. Students are expected to work together and to have the same data as their partner. Labs, whether full lab reports or daily labs, submitted with identical answers/material for anything besides the data or information students were instructed to copy will be counted as incomplete and 0% will be awarded to that section/question. Continued acts of copying or plagiarism will result in further disciplinary action.



                Assignments that are completed at home or outside of class are due at the beginning of class on the due date. Failure to not have homework OR at least 50% completed when the tardy bell rings will result in a zap. Students will NOT be permitted to go their lockers after the bell rings to get their homework (10/10 Rule). 


    Extra Credit

    Extra credit is an opportunity to learn more about the area of science the student is studying at the time. Extra credit may be provided each 9-week at the teacher’s discretion. If extra credit is provided, students must meet all criteria listed to receive any points.



    ***   Communication about homework/class assignments/project will be posted on the teacher Canvas webpage

    ***   Important messages will be sent to contact e-mail from the Skyward data base and Remind 101


    Remind 101 Codes – Please sign up to get reminders about things in class!

    You can download the app and enter the codes or text the number 81010 & enter the code for your class

    period. Please only sign up for YOUR class period. Students, include your first and last name (no nicknames). Parents/Guardians, please use your first name OR last nameand then put your child's first name and last initial in parenthesis. 

    Student Example: John D.      Parent Example: Susan (John D.) 

                1st- @schaeferj1

                2nd- @schaeferj2

                3rd- @schaeferj3

                5th- @schaeferj5

                6th- @schaeferj6

                7th - @schaeferj7


    B.Y.O.D. ( Bring Your Own Devices)

    • Students may bring device to class every day.
    • Students are not permitted to touch their phone without teacher permission to be on their device. This includes checking the time. Phones should be kept away or put FACE DOWN on the table. If a phone is heard in class, it will be taken up and turned into the office. 
    • Failure to follow BYOD classroom procedures & Berry Miller BYOD procedures will result in the device being confiscated. It will be turned into the office where a fine will be paid of $15 to get it back. 

    ALL SCIENCE SUPPLIES NEEDED BY THURSDAY, AUGUST 22ND. We will be setting up science notebooks that day & Friday. Students will be responsible for notebook setup completion on their own time if they fail to bring their supplies.



    Students will not be permitted to work on lab experiments & assignments until lab safety sheet is completed and returned.