• What to Include on Each Page

    • Set Number
    • Counts
    • Measure Number(s) and Rehearsal Letters 
    • Coordinate (Yardline Relationship and Front-to-Back)
    • Small Sketch of Form (Include the surrounding performers spots and intervals)
    • Midset for the move traveling to the current page (Sketch and Label Mid-Set)
    • graph showing how many steps taken side to side and and many steps taken forward or back field
    • Notes: Turns, Facings, Crossing counts, Choreography, Music


    Additionally, create a summary section page that includes only the set number, counts, coordinate, measure numbers, and an arrow to show the direction of travel for quick and easy reference during rehearsal, for example:

    • p34-  16 (4 out s1 45, 8 dn FH) m20-23
    • p35-  16 (3 in s1 40, 11.5 up FS) m24-27


    • Write with sprial on the bottom. This will make it easier to look up coordinate.                                                                                                                                                 
    • Write your name and drill number on the dot book.
    • Your quick reference page should be the first page
sample 3
sample 2
Sample Dot Book 1