• #45 President of the United States of America 

    Donald Trump - Republican 

    President Donald Trump


    Vice President of United States

    Mike Pence - Republican 

    Vice President Mike Pence


    Secretary of State

    Mike Pompeo - Republican

    Secretary of State Mike Pompeo


    Attorney General

    Jeff Sessions - Republican

    Attorney General Jeff Sessions


    Texas Governor

    Gegg Abbott - Republican

    Texas Governor Greg Abbott


    Texas Senators (2)

    John Cornyn - Republican

    Texas Senator John Cornyn



    Ted Cruz - Republican

    Texas Senator Ted Cruz


    Mayor of Pearland

    Tom Reid 

    Mayor of Pearland Tom Reid



    Current Supreme Court Nominee - (likely will be confirmed by SENTAE)

    Replacing Justice Kennedy (retired)

    Brett Kavanaugh 

    Supreme Court Nominee - Brett Kavanaugh


    Representative (House of Representatives)

    Pete Olson - Republican 

    Representative - Pete Olson - Republican