• Finally Moving Into Fall!

    Posted by ROBERT SIMS on 11/2/2018 6:00:00 AM

    Well, Fall is finally here and the cool weather is arriving, then going away, then re-arriving, etc....But, we still have the Wonderful Opportunity to work with students...students who need someone in their life to care and push them to reach their next goal in life.


    CANVAS is going well as some teachers are learning how to prepare their Classroom of the Future!  CANVAS has been adopted by Pearland ISD as the LMS (Learning Management System) to deliver, monitor, assess and maintain student learning online.  Because courses are created up front, they are just maintained in the future.  This model enables the teacher to be free to work with students who need individual help during class time.  Mrs. Meyer and Mrs. Rowe are enthusiastically learning to use CANVAS to reach their students in their SAT PREP Courses!

    More CANVAS Introductory classes will take place in January 2019! If you are interested, let me know before leaving for the Christmas Holidays!


    Mr. Boe for implementing GOFORMATIVE in his Spanish Classroom!  Mr. Boe has been using GOFORMATIVE as an interactive assessment tool.  He enters questions of short statements in Spanish for the students to translate.  Students enter the site and join code on their phones and answer each question on their own.  Mr. Boe actively monitors student work in real time to see how the students are doing.  Students are enjoying this live interactivity very well!

    Mrs. Smith who has begun using OneNote Class Notebook with her JH ALA students!  Mrs. Smith has created a OneNote Class Notebook to distribute and assess the work of each of her students.  Students use the ONCN on classroom laptops which means their work never gets lost.  Since each student frequently has their own lessons, ONCN makes it easy to monitor their work.  This unique tool also has the ability to allow students to work together collaboratively on projects such as PowerPoint.  

    TO DO List

    DUE 11/9/18: Don't forget the Teacher Technology Self Assessment is due!  You can find this tool in Eduphoria STRIVE!

    TRAINING 11/14/18: PACE TECH TALK - Using Microsoft FORMS to enhance Assessment and Commnication in your classroom!  Training will take place during your Conference Period in Your Classroom! Sign Up Here!





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