• Today’s focus for G/T Awareness Week is why GT matters. Gifted children have needs that require special support as they grow, develop, and reach for their personal best.


    Why does GT matter?

    • Because gifted students can master regular curriculum in less than half the time of other students.
    • Because gifted students need to know adults in their schools believe in and support them.
    • Because every child deserves instruction at his or her level.
    • Because gifted education is vital for students for find others who think like them.
    • Because supporting ALL students means supporting ALL students.


    What is gifted? There is no "one size fits all" definition! bit.ly/2ekdP90


    Reach out to a G/T teacher who has made a difference in your life! #whyGT


    Check out “The Stigmas of Giftedness” by Allison Kinzer. Allison is a 6th grade student sharing the possible misconceptions, stereotypes, and challenges that gifted students may face. She gives insight on how educators, parents, and others should broaden their attitudes toward those considered gifted. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VAd08bjAq4A


    Have a few more minutes to spare? Check out more wise words from gifted students: “The Gifted Mask: A Student Speakshttp://www.giftedguru.com/the-gifted-mask/


    Please take a few moments to share your family’s story of why GT is important to you! #whyGT