• Semester 1

    Term 1 

    Numbers and Operations

    o Represent, Compare, Order, and Round Decimals

    o Estimate Solutions o Multiply and Divide Whole Numbers

    o Add, Subtract, Multiply, and Divide Decimals

    o Prime and Composite Numbers

    o Add and Subtract Fractions and Mixed Numbers

           Like and Unlike Denominators

    Term 2

    Numbers and Operations

    o Multiply and Divide Whole Numbers and Fractions 

    Algebraic Reasoning

    o Additive and Multiplicative Patterns

    o Order of Operations

          GEMDAS

    o Expressions and Equations

    Geometry & Measurement

    o Coordinate Planes




  • Semester 2

    Term 3 

    Geometry and Measurement

    o Classify Two-Dimensional Figures

    o Perimeter and Area

    o Volume of Rectangular Prisms

    o Measurement Conversions

    Data Analysis

    o Frequency Tables and Bar Graphs

    o Dot Plots o Stem and Leaf Plots

    o Scatterplots

    Personal Financial Literacy

    o Sales, Income, Payroll, and Property Taxes

    o Gross and Net Income

    o Methods of Payment

          Checks, Electronic Payments, Credit and Debit Cards

    o Keeping Financial Records o Balancing a Budget

    Term 4

    STAAR Review and Grade 5 STAAR Test