Credit by Exam

  • Students may accelerate learning through the "Credit by Exam" program, taking a test to receive credit for a particular course. Typically students should take advantage of this option if they. . .

    • Want to graduate early
    • Have considerable expertise in a particular course or field of study
    • Want to have room in their schedules for additional advanced classes
    • Plan to obtain an associate's degree from Alvin Community College while attending high school
    • Additional information and testing schedule for Credit by Exam can be found through the Testing Department

Dual Credit

  • Through dual credit programs, Pearland ISD students may earn college credit while still in high school. In addition, students who participate in Alvin Community College's dual credit programs may earn a two-year associate's degree that will transfer to most state colleges in Texas.

    Students may also select certain classes for dual credit. For example, a student who plans to major in physics at a Texas university may take dual-credit English and U.S. history while in high school and take AP classes in calculus and physics.

    Although dual credit and high AP exam scores can save thousands in college tuition, students benefit most from the exposure to rigorous studies and high expectations. Success in advanced classes prepares students to excel in their future endeavors.

    For more about dual credit, visit Alvin Community College.