• Library Procedures for THS Staff 2015-2016

     Kim Herrington, Librarian


    Library Locations & Hours

    • Staff and students may use the THS Library.
    • The library is open from 6:50 a.m. to 2:45 p.m. every day except Wednesday it closes at 2:15 p.m.
    • The libraries may close while I am at meetings.  See the office staff if you need access to the library for your scheduled classes when the library is closed. 


    Classes in the Library and Labs

    • The Library Floor Lab (18 student computers) and Room 1507, the library classroom, can be reserved in Eduphoria.  The classroom has a teacher station with a projector and seating for 30 students, but it does not have any student computers in it. 
    • I can help you plan and teach assignments in the library as well as locate appropriate materials.
    • Remember that you must actively monitor your students’ computer use in the library.  Students are not allowed to eat or drink in the library.
    • Please check to make sure that your students leave the computers, keyboards, and mice in working condition at the end of each class period as well as put chairs back where they belong.    


    Laptop and iPad Carts

    • Use Eduphoria to make reservations in advance so that the equipment will be available when you need it.
    • Please return equipment on time so that it is available to others who have reserved it. 


    Sending Individual Students to the Library

    • You may send up to 5 students to the library at a time, provided that there is space available to accommodate your students.  Scheduled classes have priority.
    • Always send your students to the library with a pass. 


    Laminating, Poster Printer, Die Cuts, Unfiltered Computer

    • Laminating 

      • Laminating is done during 6th & 7th periods on Tuesday and Thursday. 
      • When you bring/send something to be laminated, it should be ready for lamination. For example, if you want the item(s) laminated with colored paper behind it, it should come to me already attached to the color paper--office aides are available to do this for you, but I don’t have color paper in the library. Be sure your name and room number are attached to, or written on, what you want laminated. 
      • After laminating has been done, student aides will trim your items and deliver them to you. If you don't want them trimmed by students, please make sure you let me know.
    • Poster Printer

      • The poster printer is located in the library workroom for you to use. I will print posters for you and laminate them according to the laminating schedule above.  
      • Before you send me your document to be printed, please save it as a PDF unless it is a picture (JPEG, etc.).  
      • You don’t have to wait on me to print posters for you; I will teach you how to do it yourself. 
    • Die Cutting

      • A die cut machine is also available for your use in the library.  
      • Currently, we only have patterns for 4-inch block capital letters and some punctuation symbols.  However, I might be able to other patterns from other libraries in the district. 
      • Student aides can complete with die cutting for you; please allow 24-48 hours for completion.


    • The library also has an unfiltered computer for staff use only.


    Library Catalog, Online Databases, and eBooks

    • I can locate library resources for you and your students, and/or I can show you and your students how to use the catalog, databases, and ebook portals to locate library materials.
    • The subscription databases are available from the THS Library Web Page.  Please see the database handout (or ask us) for a list of passwords.
    • The online catalog (Destiny) is available through the THS Library Web Page.  Login with your Skyward username and password to create lists of materials and to put items on hold.
    • eBooks are available through Follett Shelf and through OverDrive; use the links on the THS Library Web Page.


    Requests for New Materials

    • Please let me know if there are any items that you would like for me to order for the library collection.