READ180 Information



    Welcome to READ180!  It is an awesome program (said the READ180 teacher)!  The program combines whole group, small group, independent reading and a computer based program. The program is very structured, research-based and high interest.  The students take an initial test which places them at a lexile level, then their independent reading and computer programs are based on their level. The students will be able to access the computer based portion of this class remotely.

    I expect the students to study for occasional vocabulary tests (the computer component includes spelling, so we will not do routine tests, just occassional high-frequency words).  I also expect the students to read at home.  They can read anything that interests them: books, magazines or comic books!  I will be encouraging the use of Learning Ally and the READ180 e-books as well.

    There is not an abundance of grades in READ180, I will supplement some, but don't expect more than 2-3 grades a week.  We do quite a bit of group work.  

    I am very flexible with make-up work and corrections.  Please contact me at if you have any questions regarding corrections or make-up work.

    I am super excited about working with your child this school year.  I really love this program and it has excellent results.  I am a big reading cheerleader and I strive to make your child love reading.  We focus a lot on is not always about getting an A, it is about improving and we celebrate progress!