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  • The following are the school's expectations and consequences for any unacceptable behavior.

    Consequences for Unacceptable Behavior

    Students will receive a warning in class for choosing to be off task. Those who continue to be disruptive in class will be moved to a different seat to complete their classwork. This will give them the space to think over their behavior/choices and help them to make better choices in class. Students who are moved for consistent misbehavior will receive a parent contact and a consequence. Consequences are as followed:

    • 30-minute morning teacher detention
    • 30-minute lunch detention
    • 1-hour after school detention
    • 2-hour after school detention
    • Office referral for persistent misbehavior

    Homework Policy

    Keeping up with assignments and completion of homework is a major responsibility for all students. Students who do not keep up with all assignments or complete all of their work by the date set by the teacher are endangering their chances of passing. Students will be assigned a ZAP for assignments that are not turned in on time and their parent will be notified.

    Missing Work Policy

    Students are expected to turn in all class work and homework by the date assigned by the teacher. Student progress is monitored by the evaluation of their work. Without completion of assignments, student progress cannot be accurately monitored, and class averages will not reflect the student’s mastery of the TEKS. The consequences for missing work are listed below. All consequences provide the student time to complete the work.

    Daily/Quiz Grades: Parents will be notified when ZAPs are assigned

    • 1st assignment: Placement in ZAP daily until the assignment is complete
    • 2nd assignment: Placement in ZAP daily until the assignment is complete, tutorials required
    • 3rd assignment: Placement in ZAP daily until the assignment is complete, 1-hour detention after school 
    • 4th assignment: Placement in ZAP daily until the assignment is complete, 2-hour detention after school, and student conference held with teachers
    • 5th assignment: Placement in ZAP daily until the assignment is complete, 1 day ISS, and parents contacted by Assistant Principal
    • 6th assignment: Placement in ZAP daily until the assignment is complete, 2 days ISS, and parents contacted by Assistant Principal
      *If a student is working on the same assignment in ZAP for 3 days, the assignment will be returned to the teacher and the student will be issued an after school detention.

    Projects/Papers/Test Grades:

    • 1st project: 1 hour after-school detention, parents contacted by teacher
    • 2nd project: 2 hour detention, parents contacted by teacher
    • 3rd project: Office Referral, 1 day ISS, parents contacted by teacher and Assistant Principal
      ***Students with projects not turned in within 3 days of the due date will be assigned a day of ISS to complete the project.***


    Students will be assigned to ZAP for missing or incomplete class work. ZAP will be held during the student’s lunch time. Students will be allowed to get their lunch from the line first and then report to the ZAP room. Students will need to eat and finish the assignment within their lunch time. No additional time will be given. Students who do not finish will report the next day to complete the assignment. If the assignment is not completed within 3 days, the student will receive after-school detention from the assigning teacher. If a student receives three ZAPs in a semester, disciplinary action will be applied beginning with detention and increasing for every ZAP thereafter. 

    Corrections Policy

    A student has the opportunity to make up a failing grade (69 or below) received on a classroom assignment or a test for a grade of up to 70. The student must attend tutorials to make the necessary corrections or retake a test. If a student fails to attend tutorials to make corrections or retake a test, the current grade will stand. The student has up to 5 days from the time the assignment is handed back to him/her to make corrections or retake the test in a tutorial session with the teacher per district policy. This guideline does not include projects, semester or final exams, or district benchmarks.

    Make-Up Work

    Students who miss work in class due to an absence are permitted to make up the work. Prior to the absence or immediately upon returning to class, the student is responsible for making arrangements with the teacher for make-up work. A ZAP assignment will be issued for work not made up within the time limit. Tests should be made up before or after school (not during class time). Exceptions in extenuating circumstances may be granted by the teacher.
    When students are absent 1 or more days, make-up assignments and tests must be completed according to the following schedule:

    • 1 Day Absence: within 3 days after return
    • Extended Absences: within 3 days plus the number of days absent after return

    Assignments may be requested when a student is absent 2 or more consecutive days. The parent should request assignments through the receptionist. Once requested, assignments may be picked up from the office 24 hours after the request is made.

    Students who miss assignments due to absences, suspension, or truancy must complete the work in order to stay current in the subject. If work is not completed within the allotted make-up schedule, a ZAP assignment will be issued.

    Cheating/Plagiarism (WILL NOT BE TOLERATED)

    Students engaging in academic dishonesty shall be subject to grade penalties on assignments or tests and disciplinary penalties in accordance with the student code of conduct. Academic dishonesty includes cheating or copying the work of another student.

    Behaviors defined as “cheating” include:

    • Giving or receiving information, looking on someone else’s work, or allowing someone else to see one’s work during an exam, test, or quiz.
    • Unauthorized receipt or distribution of exam, test, or quiz contents, materials, or answer key.
    • Use of unauthorized resources such as notes during an exam.
    • Taking an exam, producing a project, paper, or assignment for another student, or asking another student to take an exam or produce a project, paper, or assignment for an individual.
    • Copying work assigned to be done independently or letting others copy one’s work.
    • Collaborating on individual assigned assignments.

    Plagiarism will be identified by the teacher for the following reasons:

    • Stealing and passing off ideas or words of others as your own.
    • Using another’s work without crediting the source, including websites.
    • Presenting information as a new or original idea or product that was derive from an existing source.
    • Unauthorized communication between students during an examination (including talking, gestures, notes, etc.)

    The determination that a student has engaged in academic dishonesty shall be based on the judgment of the classroom teacher or another supervising professional taking into consideration written materials, observation, or information from students. Consequences for cheating and plagiarism are serious. Both acts are considered stealing and will not be tolerated.

    Homework (copying or lending)

    • 1st infraction: 1/2 credit on redo, teacher detention, parent notified by teacher
    • 2nd infraction: a zero will be recorded for the assignment, 1-hour after-school detention, parent notified by teacher
    • Repeat infraction: a zero will be recorded for the assignment, office referral, 2-hour after-school detention, AP notifies parent
    • Consequences will increase with each additional incident.

    Test and Major Projects (copying or lending)

    • 1st infraction: 1/2 credit on redo, 2-hour after-school detention, teacher and AP notified parent
    • Repeat infraction: a zero will be recorded for the assignment, 1 day ISS assignment, AP notifies parent