• Student Password Reset

    Students can start resetting their passwords from home after August 16th at 8 am by visiting the PASSWORD RESET PORTAL using any browser or device that has an internet connection.

    Students will need the following information when changing their password from home:
    1. Student Username (ex. abc.12345)
    2. Student ID number 
    3. Last 4 digits of the student's Social Security Number (only when resetting the password at home)

    Pearland ISD imposes the following password rules:

    • Must use 8 – 16 characters
    • Must have:
      • One Upper Case Letter
      • One Lower Case Letter
      • One Number
    • You cannot use a password previously used
    • You cannot use any part of your first or last name

    **Students with a district laptop must restart their computers on the first day of school before they can log in with their new password. 

    Students who do not change their password at home will need to update their password on the first day of school while logged in to a district computer. 

    On a school computer, students will enter their username and #PISD2022 for their password, which will prompt them to change their password.

    • If they use a laptop that was kept over the summer, they must restart it while at school before attempting this process.
    • Students do not need their social security numbers for this option. 

    Student Information on Skyward

    Parents can locate a student's username and student ID while logged into Skyward. Click on Student Info