• Walk calmly when entering and exiting the classroom.​
    • Keep your hands, feet and objects to yourself.​


    • Bring required materials to class.​
    • Sit in your assigned seat before the bell rings.​
    • Be ready to learn. ​


    • Be quiet when someone is addressing the class.​
    • If your words are hurtful, don’t use them.​
    • Be kind to everyone you encounter everyday.​



    Classroom Routines

    Before the Bell

    • Locate your assignment.
    • Check your supplies/materials (sharpen pencils).
    • Write the agenda in your planner (written on the board).
    • Begin to work on the warm up.

    When the Bell Rings

    • Complete the warm up problems and check your work.
    • You will be given approximately 5 minutes for warm ups.
    • Prepare your assignment for grading.

    After Warm Ups

    • I will answer/explain a few problems from the previous day’s assignment.
    • The assignment will then be checked for accuracy.
    • A new lesson will be taught, notes will be taken, and problems will be worked.
    • You will be given every opportunity to ask questions during this time. ASK QUESTIONS!!

    During Assignment Time

    • Refer to your notes if you have questions.
    • Study the model problems we worked together in your notes.
    • You will work on your own for 10 minutes after an assignment is given.

    ** All students will work the entire class period on math.

    Leaving the Room

    • I will dismiss you at the end of class.
    • Two minutes will be given before the bell rings to put away materials, clean up your area, and prepare the leave.
    • Please do not leave until I have dismissed you.


    Missing Work Policy

              Students are expected to turn in all class work and home work by the date assigned by the teacher. Student progress is monitored by the evaluation of student work. Without completion of assignments, student progress cannot be accurately monitored and class averages will not reflect the student’s mastery of the TEKS. The consequences for late, missing, and incomplete work are listed below. All consequences provide the student time to complete late, missing, or incomplete work.

    Daily/Quiz Grades:

    1st assignment         Placement in ZAP daily until the assignment is complete, parents contacted by teacher

    2nd assignment        Placement in ZAP daily until the assignment is complete, parents contacted by teacher, tutorials required

    3rd assignment         1 hour after-school detention, parents contacted by teacher

    4th assignment         2 hour after-school detention, parents contacted by teacher, student conference held with teachers

    5th assignment         Office Referral, 1 day ISS, parents contacted by teacher and Assistant Principal

    6th assignment         Office Referral, 2 days ISS, parents contacted by teacher and Assistant Principal

    *Students working on the same assignment during lunch time for 3 days will be issued an after school detention and the assignment will be returned to the teacher for grading.*


    Projects/Papers/Test Grades:

    1st project                 1 hour after-school detention, parents contacted by teacher

    2nd project                 2 hour detention, parents contacted by teacher

    3rd project                 Office Referral, 1 day ISS, parents contacted by teacher and Assistant Principal

    *Students with projects not turned in within three days of the due date will be assigned a day of ISS to complete the project.


     Corrections Policy

              A student receiving a failing grade on a classroom assignment or a test with scores of 69 or below, has the opportunity to make corrections to earn a grade of up to a 70. The student must request from his/her teacher the opportunity to make corrections or schedule the retake of the test. The student has up to 1 week from the time the assignment is handed back to him/her to make corrections or retake the test IN TUTORIALS.  He/She must also get a Teacher's signature on the corrections paper.  This guideline does not include projects, semester or final exams, or district benchmarks.


    Make-Up Work Policy

              Students who miss work in class due to an absence are permitted to make up the work. Prior to the absence or immediately upon returning to class, the student is responsible to make arrangements with the teachers for make-up work. A ZAP assignment will be issued for work not made up within the time limit. Tests should be made up before or after school (not during class time). Exceptions in extenuating circumstances may be granted by the teacher or Principal.

              When students are absent one or more days, make-up assignments and tests must be completed according to the following schedule:

    • 1 Day Absence - within 3 days after return
    • Extended Absences - within 3 days plus the number of days absent after return

              Assignments may be requested when a student is absent two or more consecutive days. The parent should request assignments through the receptionist. Once requested, assignments may be picked up from the office 24 hours after the request is made.  Students who miss assignments due to suspension, truancy, or unexcused absences must complete the work in order to stay current in the subject. If work is not completed, a ZAP assignment will be issued.