• Rogers Middle School Grading Guidelines


    Correction Policy:


    Assignments with scores less than 70 may be corrected for additional points. The highest grade earned after corrections is a 70. Class work, daily work, or homework assignments will be returned to students in Thursday folders and are due back the following Monday. Teacher will provide opportunities to re-teach the skills tested in morning tutoring or enrichment.

    ** Corrections on Tests **TESTS MUST be corrected at SCHOOL. The highest grade earned after corrections is also a 70. Students will have ONE WEEK after the module test papers are returned to visit re-teach opportunity and to make corrections.


    Correcting Papers Below 70

     If you want to correct a paper, you will need to include the following on a separate piece of notebook paper.

    1. Appropriate Heading
    2. Title of Corrected Assignment
    3. Write the entire question/answer choices for problems/questions missed.
    4. Show your work (if applicable).
    5. Write the correct answer.
    6. Staple the notebook paper on top of the original assignment.
    7. Then, turn in no later than the Monday after the paper was returned to you.*


    *Please turn your corrections in as quickly as possible. Corrections cannot be accepted after grades have been turned in at the end of each term.