Class Procedures: 

    Planner:  All students are to write the objectives for science/math in their planner when they enter the classroom. 

    Warm-up: Students are to begin their warm-up immediately after writing in their planners. Warm-ups are to be kept in their green (science)/blue (math) folder during the school week. 

    Math Notebook: Notes for the day will go into this notebook.  

    Daily Work: All in-class assignments are due at the end of that class period. If a student does not complete his/her work during class, it may be assigned as homework due the following day. 


    Homework will be assigned weekly on Monday and due on Friday at the beginning of class. Homework from all classes will be in a purple folder. The homework will cover concepts being taught currently in the classroom and/or concepts previously taught. The homework assignment will be posted in class on Mondays and will remain posted until Thursday. It is the student's responsibility to record the homework assignment in their planner and placed in their purple folder. Students are encouraged to use class notes and textbook resources while completing their homework. Homework may also include studying a concept, finishing classroom work, or preparing for a quiz/test. 

    Grades, Make-Up Work, Corrections and Missing Work: 

    Please check Skyward for an update on your student's grades and assignments. Communication folders are sent home each Monday. Please read through all papers that are enclosed and review all graded papers. 

    If a student has a missing assignment for the week, the student will receive the incomplete assignment in their folder, or the following day of the week if requested by student. Your student has up to one week (the following Monday) to complete the assignment or they will earn a grade of a zero on the missing assignment. 

    Grades are updated on Mondays, including corrections and missing work that has been turned in during the week. 

    Corrections Procedure: 

    Students should use blue ink pen to make corrections. On a separate sheet of paper, show the work from the problem that was corrected in blue ink. Then, in ink, put your corrected answer next to the original, incorrect answer. Students should not erase the original answer. Staple the corrections page to assignment. Students will turn in corrections at the beginning of class to the "corrections box". 

    If a student earned a grade below a 70 on an assignment, they will have up to one week (the following Monday) to correct the assignment or the original grade of below a 70 will remain in the gradebook. 

    Grades are updated on Mondays, including corrections and missing work that has been turned in during the week. 

    Communication/Take Home Folder (Monday): 

    This will be sent home in a black folder on Monday and to be returned Tuesday morning. Conduct cards, graded papers and notes will be in the folder. 

    Please sign the conduct card even if your student does not have conduct marks.  

    No Work No Credit (NWNC): 

    Students are required to show organized work for all math assignments, including homework. Analyzing errors in a student's work is crucial for understanding how they need further reteaching should they do poorly on an assignment. 

    If a student turns in an assignment without the required work, the grade will result in a zero until the work has been turned in with the assignment. NWNC-0 is recorded on the assignment. The assignment will be graded for accuracy and once the student turns in the work, the zero in the gradebook will be replaced with the accuracy grade.