GT Staff Development

  • In Pearland ISD, all teachers of gifted or advanced students must obtain a 30-hour GT Awareness Certificate before their first gifted or advanced teaching assignment. This includes six hours in each of the following topics:

    • Nature and Needs of Gifted Learners
    • Identification and Assessment of Gifted
    • Differentiated Curriculum for the Gifted
    • Social and Emotional Needs of the Gifted
    • Creativity

    After their first year of teaching gifted or advanced students, teachers of these courses must earn at least 6 hours each year of GT professional development.

Summer Staff Development

  • Staff development needed for the 30-hour GT Awareness Certificate is conducted each summer in Pearland at no charge to Pearland ISD employees and district student teachers/interns. For the staff development schedule, email Margo Gigee or Lupe Silva or call Advanced Academics at 281-485-3203.


  • Teachers may receive GT credit for attending a conference if they obtain approval from Advanced Academics prior to the conference. Please send a copy of the course description and conference title to Advanced Academics. After attending the conference, teachers must send a copy of the certificate of attendance to Advanced Academics.

Campus Staff Development

  • Campus staff development may count for GT credit if before the staff development an agreement has been made between the campus administrator and the Advanced Academics grade-level specialist. After completing the training, send a copy of the sign-in sheet, course agenda, and presentation to Advanced Academics.

    Note: Participation in curriculum development, vertical alignment, or lesson planning will NOT receive GT credit hours.

Out-of-District Staff Development

  • For a list of out-of-district staff development options, email Dr. Heather Block or call Advanced Academics at 281-485-3203.