• Book Talk Criteria


    All students will present one book talk per grading cycle.

    A book talk is similar to a movie trailer. It is not a summary of the book, but a preview that touches on characters, conflict, and plot in a way that sparks desire in other readers to read the book.

    To help you understand, each class will view the video by Mr. Burby which gives an explanation of how to give a book talk, and I will answer any questions you have afterwards. The link to the video is here if you would like to view the video again. How to Do a Booktalk 

    Unlike Mr. Burby's audio only book talk example, your book talk will be done in class.


    1) Sign up in class for the day your book talk will be due. 

    2) Review video by Mr. Burby.

    3) Book talk points to remember:

    • Include the title, author, genre, where you got the book, number of pages
    • Show your book cover at some point in your talk.
    • The talk should be about 3-4 minutes, 5 maximum. You will not get extra points for going over 5 minutes.
    • Tell a little about character, plot, and conflict. 
    • Do NOT give spoilers. (You will lose points if you tell the ending.)
    • This is not a full summary.
    • Just tell enough to generate interest in others, making them want to read the book.
    • Give your book a rating of 1-5 stars (5 is highest).
    • Read a short passage from your book that you find interesting, important, well-written, gripping, etc.
    • Questions from classmates will be asked in class.

     For now, we will be doing our talks in class until Canvas is completely cooperating.