Notice of Public Meeting

  • Notice of Public Meeting to Discuss Budget and Proposed Tax Rate Amended

    The Pearland Independent School District will hold a public meeting at 5:00 pm, September 10, 2019 in the District Board Room located at 1928 N. Main St., Pearland, TX 77581. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss the school district's budget that will determine the tax rate that will be adopted. Public participation in the discussion is invited.

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Financial Transparency

  • Pearland Independent School District understands the importance in communicating the financial status of the District in an open, honest and transparent manner that is easily understandable and recognizable to all. We recognize that there are many stakeholders who share an interest in the efforts of the District, including students, parents, tax payers and other members of our community. As part of this continuing process, we have created this website to provide you with more direct access to this information.

    Financial transparency and accountability are critical components in managing taxpayer resources.  Pearland Independent School District is committed to serving the public by establishing an online resource of meaningful financial information that is both easily accessible and understandable.  Our Financial Transparency data is from the Governmental Fund Statements in the District’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) for the most recently audited fiscal year ended June 30, 2018.  Governmental Funds include the General Fund (the District’s primary operating fund), Special Revenues Funds (various federal, state, and local grants and sources), Debt Service Fund (payment of bond interest and principal), and Capital Projects Funds (expenditures from bond proceeds and other capital projects). The Pearland Independent School District’s Financial Transparency site meets the recommendations set forth by the Texas Comptroller’s Office Transparency Stars for Local Governments.

Fiscal Year 2017-18 Financial Summary Data

  • Expenditures

    Total expenditures  $169,087,399
    Total expenditures per capita  $1,391.67


    Total rev. $171,365,301
    Total rev. per capita  $1,410.41
    Total rev. from property tax rev. $106,479,262 
    Total rev. from property tax rev. per capita  $876.37 
    Sales tax rev. is not collected by Pearland ISD  


    Total full-time equivalent positions for all personnel 2,499

    Student Enrollment

    Student enrollment (TEA as of October 27, 2017) 21,633

Financial Transparency

2019 Tax Rate

  • $1.3956 - per $100 valuation
    $0.97 - Maintenance and Operation budget
    $0.4256 - Interest & Sinking (bonded indebtedness)


  •  Certificate of Excellence

  • District Tax Rates 2009-2018

     Revenues and Expenditures Per Capita and Per Student

Public Information Requests

  • Send a written request or appear in person to the Pearland ISD General Counsel Office to complete all requests for records.

    Procedures are established by Policy GBA in accordance with Texas Open Records Act and the General Services Commission:

    Please print and save your completed form before you choose to email.

    Request For Public Information Form

    Deliver, mail, fax or email to:
    Pearland ISD General Counsel Office
    1928 N. Main St.
    Pearland, Texas 77581
    Fax: 832-736-6997