5-8 G/T Course Pathways

  • Below are curricular pathways for all Advanced Academics Course Options.  Highly Gifted Math (HGM) is only available to students at the GTA who qualify for the course pathway through assessment during the spring semester of fourth grade.  HGM assessment information will go out to prospective fourth graders during the spring semester.  Robotics: Programming and Design is only available at specific Junior High Campuses.  In addition, when reviewing the course pathways, please consider the following code letters:

    • G/T - This course is recommended for GT learners.
    • HS - This course will count as a high school credit on the student's transcript but will not calculate into the student's Grade Point Average (GPA).

    All PAP courses are available at all campuses.

5-8 English Advanced Pathway
5-8 Advanced Social Studies Pathway
5-8 Advanced Math Pathway
5-8 Advanced Science Pathway
5-8 Advanced Electives