• Rogers Middle School's support personnel work behind the scenes to keep our school clean, our students safe, and everything going smoothly.

Name Title Email
Patti Eckler Secretary ecklerp@pearlandisd.org
Dena Thompson Registrar thompsond@pearlandisd.org
Sandy Helton Records Clerk heltons@pearlandisd.org
Ana Garcia Receptionist garciaa@pearlandisd.org
Gabby Ordeneaux Clinic Aide ordeneauxg@pearlandisd.org
Linda Duggal Counselor duggalle@pearlandisd.org
Jermaine Dixon Counselor dixonj@pearlandisd.org
Michelle Ernst Librarian ernstm@pearlandisd.org
Sue Hufnagel Dyslexia hufnagels@pearlandisd.org
Susan Schultz Resource schultzs@pearlandisd.org
Julietta Salas Lifeskills salasj@pearlandisd.org